Dan Keogh Wellness Project
Episode 44 - Ruari Corrigan - A Voice For Today’s Teenagers, Overcoming Bullies Through Creativity, And How To Protect Yourself On Social Media
Episode 43 - Amy’s Story - Using People Who Love Us As A Mirror For Minding And Mending Ourselves,  Acceptance Of Our Past, And Changing Our Perspective From Victim To Survivor So We Can Help Others
Episode 42 - Brendan Farrell - An Actor’s Guide To Creating Your Own Reality, Strategies For Accessing The Present Moment, And How One Moment Of Clarity Can Change Your Life Forever
Episode 41 - Kim Ducherer [Farm Wife Style] - Wellness Through Balance, Gratitude, And How To Reframe Fear So That Bitch Will Serve You Instead Of Holding You Back
Episode 40 - Rachel Lally - Building Self-Esteem Through Theatre, Effecting Change Through Taking Action, And Why We Are Have To Fail In Order To Succeed
Episode 39 - Aaron Habel [Host Of The Generation Why Podcast] - Managing The Podcasting/Life Balance, Wellness Through Walking And Kettlebells, And Creating Through Learning As You Go
Episode 38 - Hazel Hogan - Growing And Learning Through Doing What Scares The Absolute Bejayzis Outta Ya, Writing Without Expectation, And A Wonderful ‘Sonder: For Her’ Recital
Episode 37 - Stephen Obar AKA Obarmuscle - How To Stop Starting Again, The Importance Of Being An Authentic Content Maker, And The Bachelor’s Guide To Cooking Broccoli
Episode 36 - Ger O’Shea - Wellness Through Noticing The Wonderful In The Familiar, The Impact Of The Creative Process, And The Joy Of The Actor-Audience Connection
Episode 35 - Sive’s Story - What Women Have To Endure For Being Women In Ireland, The Three Tier Approach To Mental Health Management, And The Four Words That Start The Road To Wellness.