Dan Keogh Wellness Project
Season 4 E4: Donal Brady - Having The Courage To Come Back From Rock Bottom, Wellness Through Music, And The Power Of Community
Season 4 E3 - Dave Moore - The 30 Second Pause That Builds A Mindful Day, Being A Reluctant Comedian, And Wellness Through A Commitment To Balance In Life
Season 4 E2 - Bailey Yeats - From Hot Mess To Helping Others, The Positive Mental Health Benefits Of Lifting Heavy Shit, And Owning Your Own Process
Season 4 E1 - Eric Donovan AKA The Lilywhite Lightening. Wellness Through Accepting Our Suffering And Creating Awareness, And The Perils Of Being A Motivator Who Sometimes Struggles To Mind The Self
Season 3 E10 - Paul Taylor Health And Fitness - The Importance Of Being A Personable Personal Trainer, Reducing Depression Through Movement, And Wellness Through Gratitude And Connecting With Others
Season 3 E9 - Louise Farrelly - Wellness Through Developing The Courage To Walk Your Own Path And Having A Deep Commitment To Helping Those Around Us Who Need It The Most
Season 3 E8 – Rua O’Donoghue (Maylin Productions) – How To Overcome Rejection, The Ability To Create In Spite Of Fear, And The Importance Of Community And Connection
Season 3 E7 - David Nolan (Human Performance Advancement) - Wellness Through Cutting Bullshit And Misinformation From Your Life And Protecting Our Children’s Self-Image
Season 3 E6 - Derek O’Boyle (Natural Harmony Hypnosis) - Making Your Mind An Ally, Managing Our Tendency Towards Negative Bias, And Wellness Through Training The Body AND The Mind
Season 3 E5 - Charlie Wynne from ‘I’m a Friend’ - Committing To a Life Of Saying No To Bullying Behaviour, Wellness Through Opening Your Heart And Mind To Others

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